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Mumbai Holds Over 75% of India's Buildings over 150 Metres, CBRE Report Finds

A recent analysis by CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd. claims that Mumbai has become the main centre for the bulk of India's tallest skyscrapers. According to the survey, Mumbai is home to more than 75% of tall structures that are over 150 metres tall. Hyderabad, on the other hand, is now the second city in India to see this pattern as a result of a large uptick in vertical growth. The research also emphasises that Mumbai is anticipated to continue its position as the country's leader in the construction of tall structures because of the city's restricted land supply.


The 'Sky is the Limit: Rise of Tall structures in India' paper focuses on the development of tall structures in various Indian cities. According to the survey, India has over 250 tall structures that are either finished or in the process of being built. In this regard, Noida is in fourth place, followed by Kolkata in third. Each of Gurugram, Bengaluru, and Chennai has 1% of the total number of tall structures.

The paper projects that by 2030, India's urban population would number more than 600 million, prompting the investigation of fresh opportunities for urban growth. The need for more urban space has been noted, and tall structures have been suggested as a viable answer. To underline that the road to creating large structures is not without problems, CBRE India has also emphasised the difficulties related to developing skyscrapers.

According to the survey, purchasers who want to live on a higher level may have to pay more.

CBRE evaluated 15 prominent residential projects in Mumbai and evaluated unit prices across a range of price points and features for structures with 25–50+ stories. According to the survey, a price premium of 10-15% was often seen above the 20th level, with certain instances showing a premium of over 25% above the 40th and 60th floors.